Happy 2018!

2017 Favorites
Jean, Kula, Leilani, Laurie, Alice, Nazzi, Alek/Caitlin, Pearl, Alex, Ginger, Jino, Toby, Liz, Pier fishing, Jason, Leilani, Seyonne, Scott, Romy, David, Colton, Alice, Blue Angels, Sandy, Jordan, Carmie, Clarissa, April, CK . . . © 2017 Kent S. Hwang

2017 seemed like it flew by.

I inherited a friend’s dog, Jean Grey, rediscovered fishing, learned a bunch, and stayed close to home this year, not leaving the Bay Area once. I did not shoot much as I was without a personal camera for much of the year until just recently. Played with video when I could and tested myself with lighting setups of old and some new ones I’ve been wanting to implement in the coming year. I saw repeat clients (LOVE YOU!!) and friends who I’m glad to be reacquainted with. And I’ll mention the fishing one more time. Crabbing, too.

I’ve been having trouble with the blog for some time: lost a bunch of posts trying to propagate the new host and just kinda gave up.

Kula’s body is slowing down but she’s ready, at my side, and tolerates Jean (wack-a-doodle!). The cancer on her face returned. More masses appeared elsewhere. . . . so we walk, spend nearly every waking hour together, generally maximize our time. As I write this, She and my mom are roughly the same age. Kona and I made this journey and I’ve vowed Kula’s time will be fuller and stress-free.

Rediscovery. Introspection. Mindfulness. Those words are still new to me but they’re always there, now.

I look forward to more adventures in 2018 and beyond. Have a look at my favorite images from 2017: kenthwang.com/2017