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Post-Covid life update

16 October 2020

It’s been awhile since I updated this or my portfolio.

I lost a companion earlier this year as I was easing into a job I’d wanted since I was a teenager.  Then the Covid-19 lockdown.

I have never been so in tune with another being as I was with Kula (the golden retriever in some of the photos).  Unless I was out of the country, we were with each other constantly.  I took her everywhere I was able.  She didn’t mind waiting, either.  We got to see each other sooner. Such an amazing friend. I owe her.

Since the lockdown, I’ve gotten to know a new companion/rescue/rescue, Jean Grey, a shepherd boxer mix.  I neglected her the last few years as Kula was dealing with cancer. She was so respectful of Kula and I appreciate her knowing.  Jean has so much energy she’s helping me through my grief.  

My childhood friend, Audra, mentioned years ago that I should put a book together of all of the images where Kula photobombed a shoot (shooting model portfolios at the time).  I had the thought as well.  

Rich (receiving kisses) and Ying, on-location, 2009.
Lucky Mary . . . 😉 in the studio, 2010.
Working with Pokin, on-location, 2012.

While I work through this, I’ve been posting images to Instagram (@kenthwangdotcom) starting with one of our first shoots in the Bay Area. Photobomb shots turned into whatever is showing up next in the bazillion files I’ve generated since she showed up.  It’s a chronical of our time in the SF Bay Area, just over a decade.  It’s my long goodbye.

On-location, Lake Tahoe, 2013
Kula, love, coming back to check up on me. Backpacking to Squaretop Mountain, WY, 2015

(And my apologies, we’re at Day 119 as I write this.)

I just wished I could’ve taken her to Sharon Field, one more time <3

Sharon Field, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, 2015

Sidenote/Update: working with video more and editing. Email if you need me 🙂