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Booking Info

Trust. So tough to earn and too easily lost. I've learned a lot in sixteen years of "stopping time" for a living that I feel most of this is important, not only for a successful shoot but for building a relationship. Please read as much of this as you can. Mahalo for your time.

Commercial / Advertising (Any media used for business)
Rates based on usage and job complexity. Usage describes image placement, how they'll be used, and for how long. Creative, usage (licensing), scouting, required crew-members, location, travel and other fees may apply. Please consider: where photos placed, when you will need files in hand, what your competition is doing, how kent's vision might work with your vision, etc. . . .

Consumer Use (Families/Personal Use)

$500/one-hour session*

You will receive fifty (50) high-resolution files (along with a sharpened, watermarked, web-version, for social media) for each hour booked, adjusted for color, contrast, saturation, etc., that you can print from, at-will.

*It's not just the hour we're together but the hour before and the hour after. It's also the 8+ hours--for every hour we work together--after that, where I look at every single frame of the hundreds of images I captured during our session. (Actual: ~10hrs total)

NEXT STEPS (and some answers to many questions I get):
- Send me a few dates/times where an hour works for you.
- Location: my favorite is the campus in Palo Alto (it provides the light I need and the backgrounds are varied).
- We meet at said location, walk around, and we'll capture candids and posed shots.
- If we meet at aforementioned location, half-way through our walk, you have the option for a wardrobe change. About a week later, I'll send a link for you where I'll ask you to move the files to a safe location.

Please be aware that I try to be on-location an hour before. This is my thing; it lets me scout a bit before we meet up. However, I am also counting on being finished working with you and yours by the agreed time. Please don't be in a huff if I decide we've gotten plenty by the end of our scheduled hour. Balance due on shoot day. Cash or local check only.

All work shot on location in San Francisco (travel and location fees where applicable outside of SF; my favorite place is a certain beautiful campus in Palo Alto; no travel fee between SF and Palo Alto). LIGHT editing included (not retouching but adjusted in Lightroom). Wardrobe changes as often as time permits (avoid busy-patterned clothing).

Hair, makeup, and wardrobe, not included but available upon request (billed at their rates). RAW files will NOT be provided, ever. Group size limited to six (6); add $50 for each additional subject. Digital files made available (via DropBox) until downloaded and saved to your storage. I'll remove the files a month from the date I posted them.

All images copyrighted and remain the property of Kent S. Hwang.

Please note: you may find variations in image quality with different printers (personal/kiosk) so additional adjustments to images not recommended.

By booking, you understand that I am giving you unlimited right to print or post for personal use--where you or another entity are not benefitting, monetarily, from the use of my imagery. You further understand that I may choose to present my work--which may include you, or others from your booking party, in my portfolio or through social media, unless you request otherwise. You further understand, that by my posting or presenting the aforementioned work, I intend no malice or political statement. If you're opposed to this, please seek out another photographer. Really.

Presently, I am no longer booking third-party sessions (a "gift" to another family). We'll need a full name and contact info when you schedule. Email preferred over a phone call:
kent@kenthwang.com   or   415.283.7829

For security reasons I will not answer a text message from an unknown number.

Unauthorized commercial use prohibited. Full payment due at end of session. 100% of fee billed if canceling within 24 hours (though, there are unforeseen events and the weather!).

*** I would never presume to change anything about a subject's appearance. Please do let me know if you're a bit self-conscious about something, ahead of time. I try not to remove anything unless it's obvious when when meet and I see it's something you don't normally live with; "body-sculpting/retouching possible for an additional fee.

No flaky people or hagglers, please. If you don't receive a response from me check your spam box or call. I answer everyone unless you ask me about a deal! Peace.

And if you read this far, Mahalo (thank you). Most of this is a result of my working with many hundreds of photography subjects and situations.

  phone: 415.283.7829  

  email: kent@kenthwang.com  

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